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Animals With Aids Need Love Too

Most animals with aids known as (FIV) Feline Immunodeficiency virus, are put down and should not be.

This is because our medical world for animals cannot tell us for certain if the animal is just a carrier of the virus and can live a longer life, or if the animal has the full virus. Animals that are just the carrier of the virus are like regular cats, live normal lives and show no symptoms of FIV. Even animals that have FIV often live long, healthy, relatively normal lives with no symptoms at all. There is no proven shortening of life expectancy with FIV cats, although it is very important to watch for any other infections the cat may pick up because it is not the FIV that causes problems, but it is the secondary infections.

Cats get FIV primarily from being bitten by a cat which is infected by FIV. Normal social interactions such as grooming and sharing food/water have a very low risk of transmitting

These cats are still wonderful pets that deserve as much of a chance at life as the rest, it is just a little bit more costly on medical bills. This is where we, as an animal rescue, need your donations in order for us to continue to help these animals in giving them a second chance at life.

Please view the pictures of some of our FIV cats and read each of their stories!

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