Desperate House Cat Rescue Society

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Who We Are

Dear Friends

We are a local animal rescue group servicing Mississauga/Brampton and the surrounding communities. We rescue homeless cats and dogs either lost or thrown out for an unknown reason. We live trap homeless cats when the weather starts getting colder and either return them back to their families (if they were lost and have a microchip), or we socialize them and keep them in a foster home until they are adopted. Of course, we don't have enough fosters, or volunteers to take in all of the homeless cats so every night, Janie and the volunteers drive around Mississauga placing and upkeeping cat stations around the city to provide some stray cats the benefit of having a bed (shown below)

This cat run takes place 365 nights a year, no matter what the date is or the weather. In the Peel Region alone, there are over 225 000 homeless living among us on our streets and we are their voice, asking for help. This cat run has saved the lives of multiple cats, especially in the wintertime when the cats are susceptible to freezing to death. We are always in need of new foster homes, volunteers to help us make these shelters, as well as supply donations to keep these homeless cats from freezing!

Every man and woman that helps us, does this as a volunteer. No one in our group is paid, donations are used for nothing other than for the animals ie. veterinarians, food, medications, comfy living etc. We are in need of help from our community, the animals are hungry, cold and being forgotten about.

We take care in spaying, neutering, deworming and keeping our cats in excellent health and condition prior to being put up for adoption. We are a registered companyu and operate solely on donations.

Please consider this request and help our animals out by donating to us through

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or by mailing donations to:

Desperate House Cat Rescue Society

Square One Post Office

P.O. Box 2274

Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3C8


Thank you for your time pertaining this serious matter!

The History of Desperate House Cat Rescue Society

2007-Desperate House Cat Rescue Society in Mexico

Janie has an undying affection for cats and works tirelessly in the rescue, care and adoption of them. In the past, she worked with a veterinarian as a volunteer for 10 years which has resulted in extensive knowledge of cats, their care, needs and illnesses. For the past 12 years Janie has been rescuing cats in all types of neighbourhoods by putting out feeding traps for them, bringing them immediately to the vet for their vaccinations, deworming, spaying and neutering. While on vacation in Mexico 5 or 6 years ago, Janie noticed that there were many cats living on the resort looking for food. Some are Canadian and American cats that got lost while on vacation with their owners. There were a variety of cats including Siamese and other special breeds. She made arrangements with the resort for them to leave the cats alone and made a commitment to the animals to save them all and find them good homes! She set up feeding stations and traps to capture as many as she was permitted to bring back to Canada as these cats have very little hope in finding homes in Mexico. Janie went to Mexico approximately 6 times in 2007 to rescue these cats and bring them back to Canada to adopt them into suitable homes. She has done this at her own expense and knows in her heart that she can only help this one resort whereas there are probably thousands of cats at other resorts. So far 95% have turned out to be the most appreciative and loving cats you could imagine. In March of 2008, Janie was presented with an award by the Mayor of Mississauga for her contribution to and saving homeless cats from the city streets and is still continuing on a daily basis. With a population of 704,000, this was quite an honour for Janie. Many of these cats from Mexico are still looking for their forever homes and Desperate House Cat Rescue is looking for donations to assist in the care and adoption of these beautiful animals.

2009-How Desperate House Cat Rescue Society Saved Keyarah's Life!

Keyarah was only a 6 month old kitten when she fell out of a 9 story apartment window! Luckily, she survived the incident but she ended up breaking her back leg in several places, breaking her two hips, cracked her ribs and the broken bones from her back leg pierced her skin which led to an infection! Many vets around Mississauga were not willing to do the extensive surgery to put Keyarah back in place, so Desperate House Cat Rescue Society decided to help the family and brought Keyarah to the Mississauga Oakville Veterinary Emergency Hospital. Today, Keyarah is a 5 year old happy-go-lucky girl who only has 3 legs, but runs around, plays and acts like any other kitty. She is exceptionally friendly and greets everyone who comes to see her! She is a true gem, and is looking to be adopted into a loving family. You can read more about Keyarah's story by clicking HERE and HERE.

2013-Desperate House Cat Rescue Society Robbed

The winter of 2013 was an especially tough one for Desperate House Cat Rescue Society. Since Desperate House Cat Rescue Society is a non-profitable charity, volunteers help to fundraise and collect donations in order to make enough money to supply all of the cats with adequate food, resources, medication and vet money to last all year. During the four summer months, fundraising is very significant because the weather is great, and the volunteers can walk around to collect donations without freezing their fingers off! However, at the end of the 2013 summer term, $60 000.00 in donations and supplies had gone missing from the organization which really took a toll on the winter funds. Desperate House Cat Society is still crippled by this devastating event that took place but is still pushing on because they know that without them, there will be no one to take care of the cats. To read more about the theft, please click HERE.

What We Do For the Homeless Cats

Janie has an undying affection and dedication for all cats whether they are domestic, or feral. Every night, she goes out to the streets in her car to her cat colonies and provides homeless cats with food and water. The cat colonies are what we call a population of feral cats that live together in a specific location and use a common food source. Janie estimates that there could be about four or five cats per colony. Some of the cats are feral but a lot of the cats are house pets that have gotten lost. To read more about how Desperate House Cat Rescue Society helps with the homeless cat population, please click HERE.